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Water Rafting Trip

White Water Rafting Tour


A wide range of white water rafting activities is carried out by us to suit every person including children, beginner paddlers, advanced paddlers and senior rafters by offering three (3) type of boats which are as follows:

Types of White Water Rafting:

* OAR RAFTS - are good for seniors, beginners & children. This raft has an aluminum frame mounted in the middle of the raft with two long oars for the guide to row guests through the rapids. Guests do not have to paddle, & they just hold onto the safety line in the big waves. On this type of a boat, chances of flipping are slim to none since the guide does not need any assistance to maneuver.

* STERN MOUNT RAFTS - are good for family and those who have done rafting before but prefer not to swim. This raft is the same as the oar raft, except it has a frame at the back. Guests paddle with the assistance of the guide rowing his oars. The guide is in full control of the raft even if the guests do not paddle. Guests can paddle through the small waves then stop and hold onto the safety line in the rapids.

* PADDLE RAFTS - are the craziest option where the guide and guests all have paddles. There are no frame or oars and the guide shouts instructions as guests navigate rapids under the guide’s watchful eyes.

Inclusions* Buffet lunch included
* Free drinks included
* Free hotel pickup and drop-off included
* Tea / Coffee with toast break in the morning
* Mineral water during rafting
* Professional local guide throughout
* All rafting gear - life vets, helmets, paddles and rain jackets

Exclusions* Rafting shoes, rafting shorts
* National park fees $10 per person

BringSunscreen lotion, and your medication if you are on so that our guides can keep it safe and dry inside our first aid kits and dry bags. DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING THAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO LOSE OR GET WET! We recommend that you leave everything with our drivers at top of the canyon or in your hotel room.

FitnessYou will have climb in and out of the steep gorge - you don't need to be superfit at all for this activity, but do need a reasonable level of fitness - just take your time.

What to WearNylon swim trunks, swimsuits, river sandals or old tennis shoes are great for rafting. Try to stay away from anything cotton if possible. Hats are good for sunny days and for those rare overcast or cool days a fleece pullover, a wool hat and socks and a windbreaker would be a great way to stay warm. Please note: Cotton WILL NOT keep you warm when it is wet.

SkillsPrior rafting experience is not required on most of our trips. The majority of people who join our expeditions are first time rafters. You'll receive a detailed safety talk before getting on the river, and it will cover every aspect of your river adventure. 

Once trained, your crew can work in harmony with their guide to maneuver a raft in the most challenging rapids. It's only natural for you to be apprehensive about running rivers, however our staff is specially trained to address your concerns and prepare you for an experience you'll never forget.


Why Choose Victoria Fall FOR White Water Rafting:

We offers white water rafting and river trip to satisfy all types of adventurous individuals. We welcome anyone, young or old, in reasonable physical condition. Age requirements vary depending on the trip. Persons who are extremely overweight should try and meet our Trip leader the day before the trip to size the Class V Life jacket first. 

If you or a member of your group are pregnant or have special health or physical considerations, please call our office and consult a physician for recommendation.

LocationVictoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Departure PointWe do all pick ups from any lodge / hotel in Victoria Falls

Return PointAt the lodge / hotel you got picked up unless a prior arrangement is made with the trip leader.

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