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Considered one of the best places in the world to experience white water rafting this is a not-to-be-missed activity at Vic Falls.The British Canoe Union has ranked the Zambezi at Victoria Falls as Grade 5 rafting with,"extremely difficult, long and violent rapids, steep gradients, big drops and pressure areas".


White Water Rafting Zambezi River

Closest I’ve come to white water rafting is canoeing down the Orange River, forming the border between Namibia and South Africa. A fantastic canoe trip, but not half as adrenalin inducing as white water rafting Zambezi in the famous Batoka Gorge! Imagine hurtling down the 8m drop at the Stairway to Heaven rapid or down the three waves of Oblivion not to mention the most infamous Commercial Suicide rapid rated 5 to 6 in difficulty.The majestic Victoria Falls White Water Rafting sets the tone before you head into the Zambezi to conquer its wild whitewater. Long, testing rapids, tough gradients and loads of pressure mean that this is only for the experienced rafter. Choose from half day to full or multi-day Whitewater Rafting Zambezi navigating some of the best rapids in the world! The best time to go is between July and February when the water levels are low. Whitewater rafting operations are closed around April to May depending on the rains.

If you want to experience white water rafting zambezi river Victoria Falls then you can call us at 263 712 337 643 or book online here.

On Special: US$90/pp




Victoria Falls White Water Rafting Zimbabwe

Victorial Fall  Zimbabwe
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