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Victoria Falls Accommodation

Our Airbnb

It can be difficult to choose where to stay in Victoria Falls because there’s such a wide range of accommodation available. Before you start, consider what you want from your accommodation: All-inclusive activities and meals, or independence to come and go as per your need. Victoria Falls Activity Centre offers you authentic safari experience as well as great Accommodation in Victoria Falls.Some of the hotels are very touristy to the extent of having African dancers greet you on arrival, whilst others are more down to earth. When choosing accommodation in Victoria Falls, most of the travelers prefer Lodges that are slightly out of town because they are more natural and safari-oriented.

We have low-cost shuttle services into Victoria Falls Town so that you can explore the restaurants and shops. The nature of Zimbabwean hospitality is that staff will go the extra mile to make your stay an unforgettable one.Most of the accommodation options are having on-site swimming pools, wild animals nearby, activity desks and natural surroundings. Our prices are a good indication of how exclusive they are. You can also go with an afternoon tea, lunch, cocktail or dinner: this way you get to experience the different personalities and experiences of them all.





Located about 1.2kms from Victoria Falls central business district and 2.4kms from the mighty Victoria Falls Rain Forest itself, the house is a fully furnished home to everyone who wishes to join us in the quiet residential suburb of Victoria Falls.  Our rooms can accommodate upto 6 people with air conditioned and equipped with all basic amenities. There is 24hr access to WiFi. We  provide affordable personalized service to our clients and complimentary transfers from our Airbnb to town during the day.

Taxis cost $3 from town center to our house and $5 from the Victoria falls rain Forest.

Room (1)                              Room (2)                               Room (3)            

Amenities                              Amenities                             Amenities

Air conditioning                     Air conditioning                    Air conditioning

Hot shower                           Hot shower                          Hot shower  

Ensuite                                 Ensuite                                Shower in

Tea / Coffee                          Tea / Coffee                         Separate Toilet

King Bed                               Queen Bed                          Twine Beds

Price : $40 per night              Price : $40 per night            Price : $40 p/ Night


Extra bed $20 per night


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