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The Victoria Falls is an experience of a lifetime, one of Africa's greatest attractions. You certainly won't leave disappointed, with so many breathtaking sights, natural beauty, and adrenaline-packed activities visit the Victoria Falls at the time of your life!TheFlight of Angels over the falls is an amazing journey over the 1700m vast curtain of water known locally as the “MosioaTunya” (the smoke that thunders) and along the Zambezi River and the Zambezi National Park.  Passengers are treated to an unforgettable helicopter journey comprising of 4 circuits (2 on either side) offering unrivaled spectacular views, photographic, and filming opportunities and putting the full breadth and height of The Falls into glorious perspective within the surrounding environment.


After takeoff the helicopter turns out towards the magnificent Victoria Falls, our pilot will fly left and right-hand circuits over the Victoria Falls in both directions giving you the best viewing, photographic and filming opportunities. A trip up the Zambezi River and back to the Zambezi National Park completes your flight. Victoria Falls Flight of Angels offers an entirely new perspective on a truly special sight view. It is only from the air that the scale and majesty of the zig-zagging gorge carved by the progression of the Waterfall over millennia are apparent.




Victoria Falls Flight of Angels

Victorial Fall  Zimbabwe
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