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The Victoria Falls Bridge in itself is impressive and offers the most spectacular backdrop as you get rigged up. The roaring of the mighty Zambezi River beneath will definitely draw your attention as it grows into the constricting Batoka Gorge directly ahead. The bungee jump platform is from the Victoria Falls Railway Bridge, in no-mans land between the borders of Zimbabwe and Zambia with the Victoria Falls as a backdrop. Here, participants will need their passport to jump!

This is arguably the best bungee jumping spot in the world. A great place to test the boundaries of fear and experience the true sense of safe recklessness as one plummets 111 metres towards the Zambezi River. Most bungee jumping activities are offered over bridges. One of the world's best over-the-bridge jump is Victoria Falls Bridge amidst one of the largest waterfalls in the world, the Victoria Falls. Jumpers not only experience the thrill of the jump and the enormity of the waterfalls, but also the spectacularviews of the two African countries, Zambia and Zimbabwe, all the same time.Bungee Jump in Livingstone in Another most thrilling spot, make your way from Livingstone to the Border point at the Bridge. Entry to the Bridge is free, but you must pass through border control first. Make your way to the middle of the bridge, before you are hooked up with your climbing harness and safety equipment, given a chat about what to do, told where to wave to the cameras and then it is a wonderful adrenaline rush off the bridge.




Bungee Jumping Victoria Falls

Victorial Fall  Zimbabwe
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